Just an 19 year old trying to balance having fun in life and achieving more than I could have hoped for!


Today has been a poor self confidence day

I have spent the day with family and friends and packing to move back home. All day though I have felt massive and wished I was invisible. But it gets better, and tomorrow is a new day in my home town with less stress and more running.




My before and after photo’s. I went from 160lbs to 120lbs - this is a 40 pound weight loss.



find the motivation to improve yourself here ladies




Basically a years difference between these photos. I think we all know which one i look better in. On the left my face is pale and drawn, i had just been crying because i had been forced to drink almond milk as my night snack and i was convinced that this addition would make me gain weight. My mum insisted that we take this photo to show that i did it :) it was warm in the house but i was freezing and put on a puffer jacket and wore my scarf indoors to keep myself warm and also hide my protruding collar bones. I also had chill blains on my feet where i still have scars from where they scabbed over because my body wasn’t sending blood to my extremities. My pulse and blood pressure were ridiculously low and my body was shutting down on me.

There are about 38lbs difference between these and i am proud to say how far i have come - both mentally and physically from these two pictures.

My fight against anorexia is far from over. i still have many fear foods and lack variety in my food choices but i have the potential to do what ever the hell i want to, and one day i hope to say that i am fully recovered.


Currently needing the reassurance that I DIDN’T look better at a lower weight.

The weight I am now is PERFECT for me. Yes I am “bigger” but I’m not fat.

omfg darling you look…well you look absolutely radiant like a goddess now. Your eyes look hollow and you look grey in the first. Now you just look absolutely shining and beaming.

There are no doubts. You look absolutely twenty million thousand gazillion times healthier happier and better in the second one ok.


On the eve of the Boston Marathon, we at Spartan Race, along with the country, pay tribute to all the victims and survivors of last year’s attack.
Pictured are athletes and citizens who lived through the events and won’t let tragedy grind them to a halt. This series shot by Robert X. Fogerty for Dear World captures the resilience of those affected that can’t be dampened. Please visit their site to learn more about these people’s stories and pay tribute. 

Boston is as strong as community as the world has. We are proud to be part of it. On Marathon Monday, we will be there and along with the rest of the world, we will be watching a city recover as one.